Hounds Of Hate - LP and shirt

Hounds Of Hate – LP and shirt

P1050735 P1050736 Hounds-LP back Hounds-LP insert-image HOH-insert2-MASTER-OUTLINED Hounds-LP labelsHounds-shirt frontPrintP1050739P1050741The European pressing of the first Hounds of Hate LP came out on Assault Records out of Germany. The first press was on glossy paper, but the second was done on matte, which turned out a lot cooler for this design. I wasn’t too happy with the Assault Records logo on the back, as I felt that it didn’t fit in with the rest of the design (sorry Jan!), but tried to make the most out of it. Around the same time, the Hounds also asked me to do a shirt. I fully admit that the lettering on the back is awful (what was I thinking?), but I am quite happy with the Crass styled logo I designed for the pocket print, which I also used on the A side label of the LP.

Hounds of Hate on facebook

Listen to Hounds of Hate (the front cover of the LP used on the bandcamp is that of the US version on Painkiller Records, which I had nothing to do with)

Assault Records