Coke Bust - The Early Years LP

Coke Bust – The Early Years LP

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This is a design that lived its own life. Made for the Coke Bust Japanese tour in September 2015, and screen printed by Biff at Argy Bargy Printing in Buffalo, these are all test presses of the ”The Early Years” LP that Carry The Weight is doing, compiling Coke Bust’s recordings up until and including ”Lines In The Sand.” I did the collage and came up with a basic scheme for what parts should share color with each other, and then I sent it to Camilla (from the bands Futuro and The Pessimists) in Brazil, who chose the actual color scheme. At this point we thought it would be printed on white paper. Then Biff suggested that we’d have it screen printed on chipboard, which would replace the white with a more brownish color. Said and done.

Coke Bust

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