Agent Attitude - Deranged Realities LP

Agent Attitude – Deranged Realities LP

AA_LP_foto12 Jacket (5mm Spine) [GD30OBH5] agent attitude-LP-insert SIDE JAKKE agent attitude-LP-insert SIDE MONSTER SAMO_12Labels_1to3_ColourI did most of the work for this LP while on the road with Nick Tape and Coke Bust in the US in 2014. The lyrics were handwritten in Portland, Oregon, occupying the home-office desk of Justin who used to play drums in Time To Escape. A whole lot of Photoshop editing was done in Jasmine Torso’s punk house in Oakland, California, where we stayed for two-three days during Coke Bust’s run of gigs in the Bay Area. I did my best to take sharp photos of the lyrics while cramped into a very tiny touring vehicle, and spent endless hours editing the photos to make sure it didn’t show that the sun had been shining in differently upon them depending on what direction we were driving and what time of the day it was. Plus the occasional cloud. I printed all the edited lyrics when we were back in DC, and then took new photos of the lyrics taped onto pizza delivery boxes. To sum up: not the best of circumstances, but a lot of cool memories.

I have previously done Agent Attitude’s EP from earlier this year, for which we opted for a more clean, straight forward design. I am happy with parts of that, but I don’t think the front cover worked very well. This time around the band supplied me with the front cover drawing, plus the drawing on the back of the inner sleeve. The big photo of Jakob on the lyric sheet was taken by James of Coke Bust in Europe the summer of 2013.

For the labels, we went for a classic design, and exchanged the arched copyright yadda yadda text with two longer quotes from classic bands from Uppsala, the city Agent Attitude comes from. The A-side is a quote from Äppelkarters, the B-side from Diskonto.

Thanks to Johan Monument, Jakob Adult Crash and the band for letting me do this!

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